Internet and Hindi

We are on the verge of witnessing a moment which will re-write the History of Internet. It will rightly be referred as the Biggest Change to Internet since its inception about four decades ago. And their is a share of India in this change. Are we ready to take the pride?

After six years of discussion, debate, brain storming and technical working, ICANN finally approved the use of Hindi and over a dozen of other international languages including Korean and Hebrew to be used as the domain name. A new TLD in Hindi will soon be a reality and Indians will be in a position to write their address in their national language – Hindi. (Read the detailed story here).

This is going to be a great moment for India and Indians. We are free again. We no longer need to use English characters for our website. I am not against the use of English but certainly the idea to have a website that will be completely in Hindi is thrilling.

The other Indian languages will soon follow the suite and make their presence on the top address bar.

The big question is  – As Indians are we going the feel the pride of our national language and make the event a grand success or we will wait with our narrow territorial mentality  and language prejudice and let the even pass on?

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