The Indian Nation is a site dedicated to India, Indians that made India and Indian causes.  The Indian Nation stands as follows:


  • Glorify the rich Indian  tradition and history.
  • Plan a vision about India’s promising future.
  • Recognize and pay tribute to some of those great Indians without which we can’t really define India.
  • Any other information that can prove useful in meeting with our objective – India.


  • The Indian Nation has only one known affiliation – India
  • The Indian Nation is not affiliated with any political organization or their philosophy


  • The Indian Nation  is not endorsed by government of India or any other regulating authorities.
  • Content published on the website is edited and published at the sole discretion of the author.

Contribution and feedback

  • Any and every Indian can contribute in the cause of India.
  • If you feel like contributing to the cause you can submit your articles here.
    • You may expect a response from the editor about the submitted content.
    • In case we decide not to publish your content, it will be returned to you.
    • The decision to publish or not to publish shall be vested with the editor.
    • The content, if published, shall be the copyright of We Indians. You, however, will be given the credit of being the original author.
  • If you have objection to any article please raise your objection by adding a comment to the article justifying your objection. Decision on the objection raised, will be taken by the editor and shall be final.




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